Mental Health Month

It’s #maternalmentalhealth month and before the month is over I want to talk about postpartum depression for a second because it’s real AF. I suffered from it for a short duration and the point is I had it.




Long story short; I had twins, both of our parents came and helped us out for the first couple of months so I/we could

1. heal from my c-section,

2. get some rest,

3. get the hang of life with two babies at the same time.



Now! I’m a pretty tough cookie but when you have raging hormones you have no control over, tired af, in a lot of pain, feel like a whole whale, 2 crying hungry babies, a teenager, a husband, & life it self you sometimes just want to run away from it all. Not that you don’t feel loved or supported but because you feel like you have the weight of the whole world on your shoulder that you feel you have to face all at the once. It can be very overwhelming and you can sometimes feel by yourself with many of people by your side.

I’m a bitch by default(a nice one) but my goodness was my bitchiness on 💯 during my postpartum. If you walked in the room wrong, smiled at me, asked or said anything to me it bothered me. To be honest, at times I thought I was possessed. My thoughts and behavior were NOT ME. With the help of hubby and our parents I was able to slowly come back to myself. For me it was as simple as venting to talk about how I felt, taking time for me(ALONE), date nights(to keep the flames) , and just taking it day by day to adjust to our new life.

You guys, It doesn’t happen over night but with support, time, and patience with yourself you will start to feel like you again.



Now everyone goes through postpartum differently and some worse than others but the reality of it all is postpartum is postpartum. Check in on your friends and family that just had babies, they are going through a lot. We tend to check in on the babies more often than mom, but in reality moms need just as much attention as the newborn.

I don’t know who needs to hear this but, girlfriend you are not alone, it gets better with time, you got this. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to vent about how you’re feeling and ASK FOR HELP, we all need it!



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