Meet Dominique..

Happy #MomshareMonday beautiful people.

Are your kids entering the “teenage” years or are you already raising a moody teen(s) and want some advice to add to what you are already doing?! Well look no further, Meet Dominique Lear.

I am currently a stay at home Mom, Wife, Creative person, Inspirational friend, & a Genuine rooter of all women. I have 4 daughters & have been with my husband for 18 years, married 15. We live in a very Rural, Country-ish, PEACEFUL suburb right outside of Chicago. By trade I am a Manager. My goal, to be a Business owner! My family has a small YouTube channel called “The Lear Life Vlogs”…go check us out! I also recently co-founded a little Book Club #SMBC (Because I enjoy being around goal-oriented, inspirational women). I LOVE my life, my family…GOD – FASHION – PEACE – COLOR – HOME DECOR – POSITIVITY- COOKING – PRETTY COCKTAILS – AND NO BS!!! Did I mention GOD, because that’s key!! True happiness lies within & who you surround your days with. Protect your peace at all costs.

Nothing makes me more happy than a day at home around 1 of my fire pits, listening to great music, watching my girls play and laughing it up with my husband while he grills…NOTHING! XOXO

Dominique was asked a few questions and here is what she had to say…..

1.) As a mom with a teen(s) if any, what struggles do you face raising a teen and how do you overcome those challenging moments?!

The struggles I face raising a teen…well I have a 14 year old. Overall, she’s a great kid! Social media is a huge distraction. There is so much on the internet/apps that I wish I could protect her from. But I can’t so instead I talk to her. I ask her VERY difficult questions about what she sees and hears. AND I DO NOT JUDGE HER! We discuss it all…and I mean ALL OF IT! The second issue are boys. You have no clue the boys that have approached my husband and I about our darling daughter. It’s because of the way she carries herself. They see her value! We talk to her about EVERYTHING. We have even had talks with the boys. Yup!!! We’re those parents. Again, we do not judge her (or him) bc we want to walk this path WITH her & not have her do it alone. Saying to your child you can’t like a boy when it’s a natural part of life is not healthy in my opinion. My daughter knows my expectations: AMAZING GRADES – REMAIN A LEADER – BE HONEST – MAKE GOOD DECISIONS – DON’T EVER LOSE MY TRUST!

2.) What is the best method you have found that works for you today in reprimanding your teen?!

The best method to use when reprimanding your teen is CHORES! Lots and lots of chores. It builds responsibility also. Obviously no phone or iPad is another good one.

3.) What advice would you give a mom entering the pre teen/teenager stage that you found has helped you so far?!

My advise to moms with pre teens/teenagers. You are not their friend but you need to be their go-to person. What this means is sit down and really get to know your child. Don’t just exist w/ them. What do they like? Why do they like it? Research it so you can have real conversations about their interests. Put your phone down and be present. As a kid, no one ever really TALKED to me. It was do this or do that bc I said so. You are raising young adults. These are real people who will go off & live independently & have real lives without you one day. The only way to truly guide your child is to talk TO them, not AT them! I talk to my girls about credit, about debt, about my mistakes, about purchasing a home, about future career decisions, about sex, about love, about abuse, about EVERYTHING!

With my pre-teen she even writes lines. Ex; if she doesn’t clean up behind herself after dinner. She would write “I will clean up behind myself” 100 times. I bet she won’t forget again lol.

Now, how about all this great advice Dominique has shared?! It’s hard enough being a mother but a mother of a teen(s) can be challenging. With today’s generation it’s all about finding what works for you and your teen. Be present, talk to them not at them(most times), be patient and remember we were all once upon a time a teen ourselves.

Leave a comment and tell us what helps get you through the teenage years?!

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