Meet Maureen…

Happy #MomshareMonday! Are you loving all of the amazing mamas and what they have to say??! Yeah, I am too and here’s another special mama for you all.

Hey 👋🏼 😊it’s Maureen😊 I am a busy work-school-motherhood balancing mama of two beautiful souls ages 3 & 7. Justin, 3 is a bouncy baby boy who has such a big warm heart. He is the busiest of them both. The most unique thing about Jay from a young age since he learnt how to walk is responsibility. I swear I let my daughter learn from him. When Jay is running around the house and the carpet rolls back he stops squats and unfolds it, he will put back all his toys when I ask him too, he will throw literally 😂 his milk bottle in the sink when done and always says thank you mommy when I give him anything even his milk bottle. That to me is pure bliss, it warms my heart and he is my little gentleman❤️. His keenness has made us nickname him Dr. Jay he pays too much attention to detail ,being a physician might be his thing maybe, we’ll see. Sophie my big baby girl, she is my jewel. Such a smart well behaved big sister. She is a peace maker. That’s the very unique thing about her. She makes us as parents reconcile, she speaks from her heart about forgiveness, she loves with a big heart, and gives the warmest bear hugs and apologies whenever she is wrong. Fun fact: I graduated college with her 6 months pregnant 🤰, she has always been my ride or die, because my last year she and I were on grind mode literally during my NCLEX exams/NursingRN. The stress the joy she neared it all while in the oven. Maybe that’s why she is such a smart and resilient little mama❤️.

Maureen was asked a few questions and here is what she had to say…..

1. As a mom how do you overcome challenging moments?!

As a mom I have various ways to overcome difficult situations by taking time off for myself. I have to come to learn that I cannot five unless am full myself, meaning spiritually emotionally and spiritually. There are days when my school, job and family obligations are just a living hell, I basically close my books, put on some good music and shut off the universe. I usually join my kids on the floor , we play yep. The joy of running around with my kids reminds me what life is all about. At that time all chaos cease🙅🏻‍♀️. We pain nails with Sophie, pillow fight , roll with Jay , play the train, I do what kids do without shame. That’s my happiest place, my kids👧👧

2. What is something you have learned about yourself after becoming a mom?!

What I have learned about myself and still learning in this parenting business lol sounds almost like a lifetime training is that I was not patient as I thought I was before kids. Children make you “tone yourself down “for lack of better words lol. Personally I have been “forced” to learn to be patient by my kids. When Jay wants something, be it a snack or milk he just doesn’t care what else has to be done, what he is telling me is stop your world and run mine. He is relentlessly tugging on me until I tend to him. Sophie too, she will call mommy come help me from upstairs. I have to drop what I am doing and get going. Trust me it’s takes patience to allow someone to distract you lol. I have learned that and still learning because children just don’t like to hear “wait” often. Sometimes it hurts their little cute hearts. It’s as if no one is listening to them if you’re always sayin “wait”. Ive learned to stop and breathe then resume. More so juggling it all.

3. What advice would you give a new mom or mom to be feeling overwhelmed and seeking ways to help balance #momlife?!

Advice? Mmmh let me see , all I can say is sometimes you have to stop and take a deep breath. Just breathe in and out literally. One thing I have learned is that you cannot raise a family in one day. Not all days you’ll do the laundry, clean up, make dinner, water the flowers, fix the calendar, and it’s ok . It is not the end of life. Some days I just sit back and look at the undone work and smile. Whatever happens happens, Well responsibly letting go. Careful now, I didn’t mean you don’t do anything for your family, but you have to replenish yourself as a mom to be able to pour onto your family ❤️

With Love


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