Meet Triplet Mom Tatiana

#HappyMomshareMonday You ever wonder what it’s like to have three kids?! No, not three in total, three all the same age. Three as in triplets! Keep reading, and meet triplet mama Tatiana.

Ok. Where should I start…

I lost 5 babies before my triplets. When I moved from California to Arizona I found out I was pregnant. I saw the best doctors and was treated like a celebrity because of my history. All of my doctors were determined to help my babies survive. I was blessed to have the team I had to help me have 3 healthy babies

My last 3 miscarriages were in my 2nd trimester and I knew the sexes. 2 boys and a girl. My trips are 2 boys and a girl. That was nothing but God giving me my babies back.

Tatiana was asked a few questions and here is what she had to say.

1.As a mom how do you overcome challenging moments with triplets?!

So how do I overcome challenging moments? Wow. I breathe. I remember they are just babies and they don’t know they’re working mommy’s nerves. 😂

2.What is your favorite thing to do when you have “Me time” and how important is Me time for you?!

My favorite thing to do when I have me time is eat and sit in silence. Drink coffee uninterrupted while it’s still hot. I enjoy the simple things. Me time is very important because I don’t get much of it. Sometimes you just need to get out for a few hours once a week to recharge. I just told my husband that once a week I’m gonna start getting out. Being a stay at home mom these walls will drive you crazy. Can’t have that.

3.What advice would you give a new mom or mom to be feeling overwhelmed and seeking ways to help balance #momlife?!

For a new mom or mom to be, especially of multiples. Schedule is key! I couldn’t live without my schedule. What you do to one baby you do to all babies. Everybody eats at the same time. If you feed on demand you will never sleep! Its gonna be hard, just try to enjoy it. Because you will miss it and you want to remember more than just the hard and stressful times. And take lots of pictures!

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