Meet Iman…


Moms! Everything today revolves around our kids right?! Well duh, I mean most times we don’t take the time to get our selves dolled up like before pre-kids. I know, I know time doesn’t permit, but we have to start making the time for US to get as much of us back as possible. Want to know how you can do that?! Keep reading and meet fabulous mama Iman.

Iman Schuk is a mother of two adorable girls, a fashion and lifestyle blogger, personal stylist, and style advisor who has transformed her love of fashion and shopaholic tendencies into a full service style suit to help women and men of all shapes and sizes figure out their fashion statement. Iman is also committed to reminding others that no matter what we are going through, we don’t have to sacrifice style for sensibility. As a breast cancer survivor herself, she is committed to helping fighters, survivors and everyday women and men everywhere find that fabulous feeling through fashion that transcends the moment. Iman believes that when you feel fabulous, you are fabulous, and as her clients can attest, the truly fabulous are Styled Fabulous!

Iman was asked a few questions and here is what she had to say….

1. As a mom how do you overcome challenging moments?!

Challenging moments abound, I don’t so much overcome them I move through them. I start from a place of “this will pass”, then I try to figure out the best way – the easiest, and least stressful way – to get to the other side. Usually that just means taking things one step at a time.

2. What is something you have learned about yourself after becoming a mom?!

I have learned that prayer is important, the umbilical cord remains long after its cut (my babies’ joys and pains and fears I can fully feel as if they were my own), and without a doubt, I am most definitely my mother.

3. You always look amazing! How do you manage to stay so fabulously stylish as a busy mom. Any tips you have for those moms that want to look fab all while seeking the balance of #momlife?!

For me clothes are a conversation. I’m telling you everything about who I am and how I’m feeling in any given moment based on what I have on. So for me, clothes are more like words I use to communicate. And you know we have to be intentional with our words 😉

Yes I do have tips! So here are my three tips to stay fab on the go:

1. Simplify your beauty routine – generally speaking, I put on the same eyeshadow, foundation, blush in the exact same order. Now a full face takes me 15-20 mins tops

2. Beautify your basics – you don’t have to be fancy. Just punch up what’s comfy and accessorize! Feels like a legging & oversized tee shirt day? Throw on a moto jacket, moto boots and a boater hat and you’ve gone from yoga mom to a whole vibe.

3. Get yourself ready first! this is the most fundamental element of them all. If you have to get up a little earlier or pick your outfit out the night before, do it. They tell you to care for yourself first on a plane; the rule applies in our everyday lives too.

When she is not shopping or chasing her children while shopping, you can find Iman sharing fab tips, discovering fab spots, and serving fab lewks on Instagram and on her blog The Fab Files.

Connect with Iman

Twitter: @styledfabulous

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