Cradle Cap…

Hi Everyone!

I’ve been asked a few of times if any of the kids ever had cradle cap. But what is cradle cap exactly?!

(What cradle cap looks like⬆️)

(Our son with cradle cap⬇️)He was born with a good amount of hair and then slowly his hair started to fall out…

Cradle cap is a yellowish, patchy, greasy, scaly and crusty(gross, I know) skin rash that occurs  on the scalp of recently born babies. It doesn’t bother baby nor does it itch. I think moreso than ever it bothers the parent because it sure the hell bothered me. It bothered me so much that, I would use a soft brush to brush the dry patches away. I found myself doing this constantly because the patches would seem to keep coming back the more I did it. I eventually gave up and left Skylar’s head alone and decided to let it run its course.

When I first saw that Skylar had cradle cap I was grossed out and wandered what in hell was going on, I thought all the worst things until I googled it and learned what cradle cap was. Mind you when I had our oldest daughter she never had it nor did Kaihlani. Come to find out it wasn’t anything serious to worry about. Some kids get it and some don’t, plus it eventually goes away.

One day a friend of ours came over and noticed Skylar’s cradle cap and mentioned that her cousins son had the same thing and she told us what they did to help maintain and keep his head from scaling.

⚠️ WARNING: Please be advised to try this at YOUR OWN RISK & DO NOT I repeat DO NOT get in baby’s eyes(if you decide to try), it can be very harmful.

I did this and it worked on my son(but just because I did doesn’t mean you have to. Everyone is different and may not work for everyone). I am here to share with you what worked for me. Do keep in mind that cradle cap doesn’t last forever and will eventually dissipate.

What I used

-neutrogena bar soap

-moisturizing hair oil for afterwards( I used coconut oil)

How I used

After bathing Skylar I washed his hair with the neutrogena bar soap. Only using it in the spot with the cradle cap which was directly in the middle of his head. Let it sit for 1 minute(while he splashed and played with toys), washed out thoroughly not getting into his eyes, and rewashing with no tear shampoo & conditioner. Washed out as usual, towel dried and added moisturizing coconut oil to the scalp and hair.

I would do this every time I bathed Skylar which was twice a week. When I started doing this I didn’t start noticing a difference until a week after using the soap. His cradle cap started to dry up and fall out with ease, and his hair then started to grow like a weed and the cradle cap was a thing of the past.

What Skylars hair looks like now! ⬇️

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