Meet Mom

Hi Everyone ! Welcome and thank you for stopping by my blog AMomStateofMind. I am Karla, wife and SAHM mommy of a teenage girl and 2 little boy/girl twin munchkins. I’m a Fashion Connoisseur with a degree in Fashion Merchandising. I am all about being yourself, wether that means you are classy, outgoing, and loud af or a quiet and shy introvert. Me, I am a nonfiltered human that says what I feel(Freedom of speech is a First Amendment), I mean I don’t like to sugar coat you know??! I feel that being real should be a required pre requisite as soon as you enter adult hood. I have the mouth of sailor, but I’m really classy with it and I’m a lover of all things family, beauty, fashion, travel, and fitness. My ultimate goal is to inspire all moms to live unapologetically. Remember you can’t pour from an empty cup. You come first and all else follows. A happy mom equals a happy family!

I want to share every moms story. Momming definitely has its differences and one moms story may help the next mom in the same or similar situation. I want us all to inspire each other and for us to be proud and confident in the skin we’re  in no matter what, because motherhood is definitely not as glamorous as some may make it seem. Let me let you in on a little secret; Girl you are the SHIT and no one can make you inferior unless you allow them. “FcUK” what anyone else thinks or says, and remember YOU ARE THE SHIT! You’re welcome..

“Bedsides your smile, Confidence is your best accessory”



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