Cradle Cap…

Hi Everyone! I've been asked a few of times if any of the kids ever had cradle cap. But what is cradle cap exactly?! (What cradle cap looks like⬆️) (Our son with cradle cap⬇️)He was born with a good amount of hair and then slowly his hair started to fall out... Cradle cap is a … Continue reading Cradle Cap…

Meet Triplet Mom Tatiana

#HappyMomshareMonday You ever wonder what it's like to have three kids?! No, not three in total, three all the same age. Three as in triplets! Keep reading, and meet triplet mama Tatiana. Ok. Where should I start... I lost 5 babies before my triplets. When I moved from California to Arizona I found out I … Continue reading Meet Triplet Mom Tatiana

Meet Maureen…

Happy #MomshareMonday! Are you loving all of the amazing mamas and what they have to say??! Yeah, I am too and here's another special mama for you all. Hey 👋🏼 😊it's Maureen😊 I am a busy work-school-motherhood balancing mama of two beautiful souls ages 3 & 7. Justin, 3 is a bouncy baby boy who … Continue reading Meet Maureen…

Meet Dominique..

Happy #MomshareMonday beautiful people. Are your kids entering the "teenage" years or are you already raising a moody teen(s) and want some advice to add to what you are already doing?! Well look no further, Meet Dominique Lear. I am currently a stay at home Mom, Wife, Creative person, Inspirational friend, & a Genuine rooter … Continue reading Meet Dominique..

Meet Twin Mama TuWana

Happy #MomshareMonday want to know what it likes raising twins?! Meet this beautiful twin mama!! Hi, I'm TuWana the founder of Moms Who Mingle and a twin mom to boy girl twins Jariyah & Jessiah. My journey through motherhood has not always been easy. I gave birth to my twins at 25 weeks it was … Continue reading Meet Twin Mama TuWana

Mom Share Monday’s

Hey! Every Monday starting in June we will be hearing from mom's of all walks sharing and talking about the obstacles they face raising children and what they do to overcome those obstacles. These moms are raising newsborns, toddlers, and even the dreaded teenagers(lol). Connecting moms with similar situations is the mission and helping one … Continue reading Mom Share Monday’s

My Pregnancy Journey….

Hi Everyone! As many of you may know I was recently  pregnant with twins, and now 4 months later raising 2 healthy girl/boy twins along side a teenager. I've had many of you DM'ing me asking questions about my journey being pregnant with twins and now raising them. Some of you are expecting and wanting … Continue reading My Pregnancy Journey….