Mom Share Monday’s

Mom Share Monday’s

Hey! Every Monday starting in June we will be hearing from mom's of all walks sharing and talking about the obstacles they face raising children and what they do to overcome those obstacles. These moms are raising newsborns, toddlers, and even the dreaded teenagers(lol). Connecting moms with similar situations is the mission and helping one [...]

Mental Health Month

It’s #maternalmentalhealth month and before the month is over I want to talk about postpartum depression for a second because it’s real AF. I suffered from it for a short duration and the point is I had it. . . . Long story short; I had twins, both of our parents came and helped us [...]

My Pregnancy Journey….

Hi Everyone! As many of you may know I was recently  pregnant with twins, and now 4 months later raising 2 healthy girl/boy twins along side a teenager. I've had many of you DM'ing me asking questions about my journey being pregnant with twins and now raising them. Some of you are expecting and wanting [...]